In how many days will the site be published?
We will publish your website in 3 working days.(After receiving the contents, images and logo  to us)

Payment: 100% Advance payment required for all our website designing package

Website Theme
You can choose from the wide range of themes we offer as a starting point and we will customize the selected template to give you your own unique design.

The day you sign up for our service and make the first payment that is when your subscription cycle begins. You will have to renew your subscription every year in order to continue enjoying our services.

Domain name
We will buy the domain on your behalf and you will be the owner of the Domain. Yes, you will be able to get your own domain name. We need to mention that the domain will be purchased subject to availability.

Who will be the owner of Domain and Website
You will be the owner of the Domain as well as your website. will be just the administrator and technical contact for your domain for as long as your subscription with us continues.  Any time you can transfer your domain name to any of service provider.

Maintenance of website
The maintenance of your site is’s responsibility as long as your subscription continues with .

We will design and host your website. We will provide you the cpanel of the hosting.

Where Server located
Now we are hosting through reseller club and Server located at Mumbai and Pune

Email Id
Yes, along with your website package we do provide you with business email ids.  Additional email ids can be purchased later. Ex:

Visitor Statistics
We will send you a weekly website traffic update that gives a detailed report of your website. Additionally you can purchase an add-on analytics package if you would like to analyze traffic reports yourself.

Additional package
you can buy additional features or upgrade your account any time during your subscription

Renewal will send you reminder email at an interval of 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day prior to your domain renewal/ subscription renewal. This is done to ensure that you do not miss your renewal dates. However in case of no response or failing to make the payments before the scheduled date , the same will be deemed as an end of subscription and will discontinue hosting the website) will be legally authorized to bring the site down.