Creative Inks

Creativ Inks

Creativ Inks is Licensed & Certified Tattoo studio from Karnataka Govt. We are passionate provider of specialized artistic tattoo designs service. We have highly talented and experienced tattoo designers. We have a friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic tattoo studio with Training Academy. We have a Comfortable, Clean and Sanitary environment. All Needles, Inks & Gloves are single use “Disposables”.

Our Studio is equipped with a vast array of designs that range from Tribal, Traditional, Fonts, New and Old School, Realistic, Fine line, Black and Grey, Bold color, Portraits, Customised, Cover up Tattoo and pretty much anything you could imagine. We bring to you an attitude-free environment here at Creativ inks Tattoo. Everyone is treated with respect and professionalism. Each artist is aware of blood borne pathogens, First Aid and CPR. We have Tattoo Training Acedemy with Certification. We are experts in covering up old tattoo with new designs and also permanent make up. We also can make your tattooing experience PAINLESS by using Anaesthesia.

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Creativ Inks