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Small & medium business website

Are you a SME owner? need to create website yourself?

There is no doubt that a website is a vital part of SME Business. Domain and Web Hosting are the main pillar of any website. Select a hosting package that suits your needs. What are the factors you should consider when purchasing web hosting for small businesses?

Main factors that affects a web hosting package


      1. Number of expecting visitors per month (Bandwidth)

      1. Space required (Web hosting storage)

      1. Number of email id

    Number of expecting visitors per month (Bandwidth)

    website (Bandwidth) is one of the main factors for considering. The maximum amount of data transferring through your web hosting is called Bandwidth. Simply saying the number of visitors entering and leaving the website is the website’s Bandwith. If bandwidth is less, your site may load slow, even shut down. For example, if you are running a very small restaurant, that may accommodate a maximum of 10 customers at a time. Suddenly 500 customers came to your restaurant. What will be the situation? you can not serve any of the customers! right? You may want to close the shop to stop the chaos.

    Space requried (Web hosting Storage)

    The second factor is the total space available in Webhosting. Would you like to upload many photos, videos, billing software, inventory software, etc? Consider all these things and purchase the required amount of space. Even though you purchase a small space, you can upgrade now or later. 1GB to 2GB hosting space is enough for a small business website.

    Number of Email id

    The third factor is the number of email id required. Either you can create a domain email id in your web hosting or buy it separately. Check the hosting packages and confirm that you have enough space available for creating email ids. 2GB to 5GB storage for one email id is ideal for a small business email id.

    Web hosting for small business

    Hosting companies are providing starter package to advanced packages. A starter package is enough for a small business. Below are some of the web hosting packages that are suitable for small and medium businesses.

    Bluehost Basic Hosting Package

    Bluehost hosting packages start from 3.95 USD per month. This package includes a free domain name, SSL certificate 50GB Storage, WordPress installation, etc.

    iPage Webhosting:

    iPage Webhosting offers start from 2.99 USD per month. This package includes a free domain, free SSL, unlimited storage, etc.

    Cost: 3.95 USD Per Month

    Host 1 Website
    50 GB SSD Storage
    24/7 Customer Support
    Website Builder Available
    WordPress Integration
    Free Domain – 1 year
    Free CDN Included
    Free SSL Certificate

    Kinsta Hosting

    We help Small Business Owners to build a digital presence that brings value to businesses. Get a free guide that helps you to design a business website by yourself.

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