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Are you a SME owner? need to create website yourself?

WordPress is one of the popular platforms for developing a website. All web hosting companies are providing one-click WordPress installation. WordPress is a copyleft application, so anyone can install it for Free. Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting service for an affordable price? Below is the list of WordPress hosting companies.

What is a WordPress host? how it differs from normal hosting?

WordPress hosting is specially made for installing and running WordPress applications. Compared to normal or shared Webhosting, WordPress hosting has some technical advantages. Some of the advantages are as follows.

  • Better allocation of the server: In normal shared hosting, database connection error is common in WordPress hosting due to the lack of server allocation. Even though database connection error causes many other reasons. Very few allocations of the server cause the frequent down of the website.
  • More web hosting space: This will be useful for installing custom themes and plugins. You can upload more images, videos, etc.
  • Higher version of PHP: The latest version of PHP is more effective in WordPress. WordPress website always loads faster in the latest version of PHP. The latest version of PHP will have more security features than the old one. The latest themes and plugins may not work in old PHP versions.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): WordPress hosting comes with Content Delivery Network. CDN can even make faster loading of your web pages. Your website content will load the nearest servers of your website user. Even though your web hosting is located in the USA, visitors from Australia can fetch pages from Sydney CDN.
  • Security and spam protection: Because of the wide acceptance and popularity of the WordPress application, hackers are always behind the security variability. However, there is a great community behind this app’s development. WordPress hosting provides extra security compared to normal web hosting.
  • Automatic backup: Backup is an important factor for any type of website. There are always chances of breaking down or errors in the website. Not only WordPress but also any kind of website.
  • Automatic upgrade: WordPress community always works on security. This community always finds the security patches and resolves them as soon as possible. WordPress hosting offers automatic upgrades to the latest version.
  • Customer support: Compare to normal or shared hosting, hosting companies are providing 24/7 customer support for WordPress hosting.

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

Managed WordPress hosting a little bit costlier than normal hosting.

website builder is easy

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January 8, 2023

The website builder is easy. I have designed a website using GoDaddy website builder. Firs year is free, but renewal is costly.

Allan G