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How to Create Business Email id

How to Create Business Email id

A business email id is an important factor for every business for getting trust from your customers. When you are using free email id like Gmail and yahoo email ids will decline your trust. Customers will think that this business is not able to spend even a couple of thousand rupees for maintaining business email, how they will retain the business.

Importance of Business email id

Professionalism: Using the domain email id has great value today. Compared to a free email id like Gmail, domain email id really gives professionalism. Domain email ids are the quickest and easiest way to brand your business.
Dependency: When you are using the free mail id, all your official communications are dependent upon the service provider. In case they stopped service, you will lose all your communication with your client.
Control panel: In domain email id, you will get a control panel. Using this you can take control of each user. Manage users by adding new users, deleting the existing users, and resetting passwords for each use.

How to create Business email id

All most all domain registrars and hosting providers are selling email id. You must need a domain name to create a professional email id. After acquiring a domain name you must purchase email id separately or you can purchase a hosting package that includes the space for your email id. For activating email id you need a domain name and hosting space. Some companies are selling email id separately rather than combining with hosting.

Create an email id with Godaddy: Godaddy has different professional email id plans. Plans and pricing as follows.
Plan Individual: 10 GB Storage. Pricing: Rs.600 + 18% GST
Plan Team: 25 GB Storage. Pricing: Rs. 840 + 18% GST.
We have authorized reseller of GoDaddy, contact us for purchasing domain name, email id, and hosting from Godaddy. We create business website and provide digital marketing for small and medium businesses.

Create an email id with other hosting providers: Purchase a domain name and hosting package. If you already have a domain name, purchase hosting, and connect with the domain. Login into your hosting control panel and create an email id. You should allocate the email space from your hosting space. While purchasing the hosting package, you should have some calculation about email id also.
Pricing: 5 GB for Rs. 6000 + GST (Approximately). Rates vary from each hosting company.

    Create Business Email id

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