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Website Design Charges

Website Design Charges

How much is website Design Charges? This is the first question when we talking about web design with a small business entrepreneur. When you are searching on the internet there are lots of websites designing companies and different kinds of charges. So being one of the affordable website designing companies in India we decided to explain the charges of different kinds of website designing.

The website is the starting point of any kind of business. Without a website, even you can’t think of starting a business. Web designing cost depends upon what kind of website you required. Medium-sized companies with 50 to 100 employees and branches in different locations require a professional website. The professional website includes lots of content including blogs, galleries, videos, news, etc. A small company with 5 to 10 employees may require only 5 pages simple website (Home, About, services/products, Contact).

The charges of designing a simple website is ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000. Some designing companies providing basic website designing packages with domain and hosting for below Rs.10,000 This will be a great deal for small business firm to go online.

Budget Website designing agencies

These agencies’ charges are specifically for small business owners. The budget website consist of 4 or 5 pages. This is a quick way to get an online presence for micro and small business organizations. The budget design charge is approximately between Rs.7,500 to Rs.15,000 for a 5-page business website.

Corporate designing agencies

The Agency worked with big corporate giants. These big agencies charges bump up. They may have big offices and many employees. These companies Overhead expenses are very high subsequently, these agencies’ rates are too high. Corporate design agencies charge Rs. 1,00,000 or even more for a professional website.

The website design cost depends on many factors

Because of the limited cost, you can’t expect lots of creative content in basic website. Apart from designing cost, there are fixed costs like domain and hosting charges also will include in the package.

  • What are your requirements, do you require custom logo & Images?
  • How many pages do you require?
  • Do you require an email id? how many?
  • Other factors are :
    Types of Domain (.com, .in, co.in)
    – Free email hosting and paid email hosting
    – Extra space and bandwidth
website design charges

    Need a Website?

    webdesign Packages

    1. Basic Business Website – Rs.5000
      Package includes:
      5 Page Business Website
      1 Business Email id
      Basic Web Design
      Social Media Page
    2. Professional Business Website -Rs.10,000
      Package includes:
      10 Page Business Website
      1 Business Email id (G suite)
      Premium Design
    3. E-Commerce Website – Rs.25,000
      Package includes:
      50 Products
      Payment gateway
      2 Business Email id

    How much it cost to build a website? It depends on many factors. Just go through the below details for getting a rough idea of website design charges.

    What are you working on?

    What kinds of business are you doing? is it a service industry or product selling? are you doing online business? do you require a mobile app along with a website?
    Basic business websites consist of a simple mobile-friendly website that not only focuses on your brand but also targeting company goals and objectives. Normally, basic business websites have 5 to 10 pages with images and text. Pages in basic websites include Home, about, services, product, gallery, contact, etc. Charges for basic website is around Rs.8,000.
    Enterprise web designs are made out of custom programming database integration and API integration, etc. Enterprise web design charges between Rs. 40,000 to Rs.60,000.
    Small to medium e-commerce websites design charge in between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 80,000. This is including payment gateway like CC Avenue, bill pay, etc. CC Avenue is one of the most popular and widely used payment gateway systems in India.

    What is the purpose of your website?

    What are the main objectives of your website? is it for building trust? building a brand name and reach the audience? are you looking to generate leads? Do you need social media marketing?
    The purpose of a small business website is to convince website visitors that they should become customers of the company. This is done by positioning the company as a dependable, trustworthy, and experienced in the target market. No matter it is a simple or big website. A simple responsive website itself builds trust among your clients. Even though if you are running a simple website, you should update all information on your website. Start with a basic website and upgrade while your business is growing.

    How many products and services are you planning to sell?

    How many products or services would you like to display on the website? Do you require a basic website with five pages or an enterprise website with so many pages?
    Do you require detailed information on each product/service?

    Custom design or Template?

    Do you require a custom design rather than a ready-made template? Do you have an existing website? By using the templates, website up pretty fast and easily. A custom design required a team behind it. Comparing to custom website design, a template-based website design charge will be less.

    Affordable website design charge

    By affordable, we mean getting a simple and decent website design at a low cost. Many SME owners are not interested to create a website for their business because of cost factors. Spending too much for website design is not a good idea for a micro or small business organizations.

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