Website Designing Cost

Website Designing Cost in India

What will be the Website Designing Cost? Generally, this may be the first question when an entrepreneur thinks to start creating an online presence. Charges will depend upon the type or the quality of the website you required. There are different options available when choosing the type of business website. Which one you should choose for your company? what is the difference between them? If you are running a small business, a 5-page basic website with one or two email id is a better option.

Professional Website

A professional website or big company website consists of relevant professional content includes many pages, blog posts, picture gallery, appoint booking, etc. Not surprisingly, qualified and experienced website designers and design agencies charge more, and output will be awesome. Professional website designing is time-consuming, it required multiple customer visits and discussions, subsequently cost also will bump up. The main motive of this website is brand building. Many things you have to discuss with the designing company regarding the content, layout, style, etc. Charges for the professional Website Designing Cost starting from Rs.50,000.

Professional website design cost

Professional web design cost is between ₹50,000 to ₹1,00,000 (Including logo, content writing)

Basic Business Website

This category is useful for small business organizations. Especially, one-person companies and partnerships. Focusing on displaying company details, about product/services, contact page with a contact form, etc. usually basic website consists of five pages. This package may include 2 or 3 business email ids. Charges of the basic website design charges may start from Rs.5,000. There will no detailed discussion with the designer. You just decide the domain name required. After selecting the domain name, provide the company details and product/service details and contact address. Most websites on this category using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Basic Website Design Cost

Basic website design cost is between ₹5,000 to ₹8,000 (for 5 Page Website. Including domain, hosting, content writing). Build a Business Website Now!

DIY Website Builder

There are many companies providing the Do It Yourself website designing programs. Creating a website in DIY tools, required a little bit of technical knowledge and lots of patience. There will be a ready-made theme which you should have to replace with your own images and texts. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and GoDaddy are some of the companies which provide DIY Web Builder. DIY Website Builder Price starts from Rs.5,000. Some companies may not provide email ids along with this package. The number of pages on your website will decide the amount of design work – and more design work means you will pay more.

DIY Website builder pricing details

Wix Pricing: Personal website: Rs.12,000/Year, Entrepreneur website Rs. 12,450/Year
Weebly Pricing: Basic Website: Rs. 4200/Year, Company website: Rs. 10957/Year
Godaddy Pricing: Starting Package: Rs. 4250/Year, Professional: Rs. 15,000/Year

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Just Rs. 5000

    Website Designing Cost

    Website Design process

    Whether basic or professional websites, the design process starts with a detailed discussion with clients. A set of actions should be taken in order to achieve a particular result. Let look at our website design process to understand it better. Interaction with the client: Starting with a deep discussion with the client about the type of business he/she involved in. Ask questions like:

    • What type of business? Product/Service details!
    • Mission and vision of your business.
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • Explain the purpose of the website
    • How many pages required?
    • Do you register in google my business?

    For a professional website more discussion on pricing is required. Discussion for a basic website can be through email, call, or WhatsApp chat. For a basic website, our price is fixed. Professional websites differ from normal basic websites, it needs more detailed discussion with clients.

    Domain and hosting registration

    Website Design starts with Domain name registration. when dealing with small business owners, many of them don’t know the domain name and hosting registration process. Once complete the website project, ask for domain control panel login details. some fraud companies never hand over the domain control panel details to the client. We book the domain name on behalf of our client and hand over to them after completing the project. You can also book a domain name from your end, however, the client should connect hosting or share a password with the agency.

    After Domain registration, it must be connected to the hosting account. Almost all design agencies are having a hosting (reseller) account. Small website design packages (5 to 10-page websites) are include domain and hosting charges. However, professional website hosting charges may differ. Dedicated hosting or virtual cloud hosting is required for professional websites because of high quantity of content.

    Domain and Hosting Renewal

    Domain renewal cost comes around Rs.1100 (including GST). Hosting renewal cost is depends upon the server you purchased. In fact both the domain and hosting renewals are comes under one package for basic websites.

    Basic website’s Domain and Hosting renewal cost: between Rs.3000 to Rs.4500
    Professional or big website renewals depend on the server they selected. Renewal cost will be between Rs.20,000 to Rs.35,000

    Logo, images, content, etc.

    Custom logo design, custom images, original contents are not included in basic website design. of course, you are paying very less for basic website design. If you are looking for customized website design, you should upgrade to a professional website.

    Maintenance of website

    Who will do the maintenance of my website? this is another question in which clients are asking the web design agency. Generally, we can describe website site maintenance is in two ways, the first is technical maintenance and the second is content maintenance. When talking about technical maintenance, it is clearly related to the server-side. For example, there are many vulnerabilities in the server which may attract hackers. We should maintain the server in good condition by updating the software. Content update is another website maintenance activity.

    Technical maintenance is an important task even for a small website. Mainly those websites are running with Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, etc.).A timely update of the platform along with plugins is most important in CMS. The domain name, hosting, SSL Certificate, CMS, Plugins, and, backup, etc. are coming under technical maintenance.

    Content updates also equally important for business websites. Normally content update in the basic website comes once or twice in a year. Professional website or big company website content needs to updated regularly, so the client and web design company write a contract for this work. Therefore maintenance charges will be high on big websites.

    Our Website Design Charges

    We mainly involved in designing the website for small and medium businesses. Our Charges are affordable for small business owners. In addition to web design, we provide digital marketing and social media marketing also. Web design Charges as follows:

    Basic Website: Rs. 5000
    This package includes Domain name, hosting, 5-page website design, and 2 email id. indeed this package is for small and medium businesses.

    Business Website: Rs.10,000
    This package includes a domain name, hosting, 10-page website, 5 email id, and social media pages. Social media pages include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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    Website design cost in India

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