Create a Website in Godaddy

Trying to Create a Website in Godaddy? Godaddy, no doubt one of the international giants in the Domain and hosting category. You may see Godaddy’s commercial ads in Indian local languages which focused on educating small business owners to create a website.

There are two ways to build a website in Godaddy. One is to buy the domain and hosting in GoDaddy and upload your contents by installing any CMS or uploading HTML contents. The second is to buy a domain with a website builder package from GoDaddy and update the contents.

Godaddy Website Builder is Easy?

If you have little knowledge about images and layouts, you can easily handle the GoDaddy’s website builder. You can update the website with your own contents, create pages, add calendar and appointment, etc. However, it is a bit too expensive for small business owners. Also, we can’t predict when they’ll next scrap their site builder. It is not easy to convert the builder website to other formats. Godaddy has 24/7 support, but personal support is not always helpful. You will not get any support for website builder packages, you should do everything yourself. Lastly, only limited themes are available on the website builder. Create a Website in Godaddy is not an easy task for a beginner.

Website Designing Price in Godaddy

Website Builder for one year : Rs. 3900 including Domain name

Build a complete business website with us.

Create a Website in Godaddy