Free Website Design Tools

Free Website Design Tools are actually it is free? You may confused, a .com domain name itself cost amount Rs.1000, how they can give a free website? Weebly and Wix are the leading free website design tools available online. Let us check the details about free website designing tools available online.


Free Website: In Weebly free website design package you can’t use your own domain name, your website looks like Also, there will be advertisements displayed on your website.

Paid Package: Weebly has three paid packages Rs.8000, Rs.16,000, and Rs. 26,000 respectively. in the Rs.8000 package you can use your own domain name, but still advertisement place on your website. In the Rs. 16,000 package, there is no ads on your website. This package includes a domain name also. Rs. 25,000 package is suitable for eCommerce website. This package includes a payment gateway. Weebly Pricing

Wix Free

Wix is another free web design tools available online. Free packages come with banner ads on your page. URL will look like
Paid package starts from Rs. 3500 per month


Godaddy is not providing any free plans. They have online paid plans, you should purchase a website builder package along with a domain name.
Godaddy website design tool details


Squarespace is another company which provide DIY website designing tools.

There is no free meals

The free plan of any website design company has limited features. Advertainment will be displayed on your website, it lacks professionalism. It is not suitable for professional business organizations. More about Cheap Website Design

    Need a Website?

    free website design tools

    DIY Tools for creating eCommerce websites

    DIY eCommerce website tools are very useful to small entrepreneurs. You are marketing products in the local market, this option is very good for you. An e-commerce website building and maintaining are a little complicated since it will have to be able to handle payment processing and allow you to easily add, remove, or edit products and services. Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce DIY tools available online. You can upsell, cross-sell, deliver promo code, collect a payment, etc.

    Use of DIY Website Design Tools

    You can create stunning website with DIY design tools. You can build a portfolio, start writing a blog, create an online store, promote your services, sell products, market a Business, promote local business

    Pros and Cons of DIY website design


    • You can create your website very quickly.
    • There are lots of templates available with DIY Website design tools
    • You can edit your content, upload pictures when ever you need
    • You can control your budget. If you are running in tight budget, choose DIY Website design tool.
    • You don’t need to know anything about coding to jump right in and build a clean-looking site.
    • Website builders do include hosting and sometimes cover the registration of a domain name, so you don’t need to worry about that configuration. 


    • The templates are not much flexible. You should have stick with the default UX.
    • Hence you are not a designer, there will be lack of professionalism in images and alignment.
    • There will be no proper support, scan your self FAQ provided by DIY Company.
    • If you are not tech savvy, it will take too much time to complete the website.
    • Some DIY tools are not providing the SEO optimization, blogs, ssl, etc..
    • Free DIY website design tools will display advertisement on website.