How Covid19 Effected in Bangalore Small Business

Bangalore is one of the major economic hot spots of India. Bangalore contributes to the 87% economy of the entire Karnataka State. 98% of the Bangalore economy contributed by the software export. Apart from IT and IT-enabled industries, there many other industries are established in Bangalore. Aerospace & Aviation, Biotechnology, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, logistics are also major industries in Bangalore.

Techies and IT Company employees are the main customers of Bangalore’s small business. When IT Companies are shut down, Bangalore’s business will be down. Especially in services industries like restaurants, hotels, and the entertainment industry, online taxi booking services are severely impacted. The low demand, disruptions in supply chains, the sudden spike in unemployment, move back or other state workers are affected in all kinds of business in Bangalore. The real estate industry is an all-time low in Bangalore. Buying and selling as well as renting property completely down in Bangalore.

March to May there are hardly below hundred Covid-19 cases only reported in Bangalore. Major spikes started in June, now there are above 1000 fresh cases reporting every day. Most infected persons are from those Involving in micro business and other medium class people

Offline marketing like ATL and BTL advertisement firms are affected very badly. Online marketing and Website design services are not much affected.

Big and medium companies are still working on work from home model. But small IT companies are not able to cope up with long lockdown. Some small software companies especially below 100 staff are closing down. Some companies are cutting down the number of staff.

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