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Web design company in Bangalore

Web design company in Bangalore

Are you looking for a Web Design Company in Bangalore? There are lots of web design companies are available in Bangalore.  From a simple informational site to a complex professional website, we can classify the website designing into three. The first one is Custom website design, the second one is a basic website design and the last one is DIY Website Design.

How to choose a website design company in Bangalore?

Decide on the Budget: Even before you start searching the Web Designing companies, decide how much you can spend on your website design. In reality, micro and small business owners in India expect to spend anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs.10,000. Medium-sized companies may spend anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

If you are a small business owner and looking for a cost-effective website design, choose a freelancer or a local website designer. Medium-sized companies, especially employees with 50 to 100 are looking for a professional website and email id for each of its staff. So the cost may jump to above Rs.50,000. For this project, you can select established design companies.

How to Proceed with a design company

Once you decided the designing company or a designer. If you decided to go with the basic business website, provide all information (about the company, services, products, contact, etc) with the designer. For a low cost website design projects, there will not be multiple discussion or meeting. Basic website design finishes in 4 to 5 days but the professional website design process will take up to one month.

What will it include in Design Package

Usually, designers offer different packages for SMEs. What and all included in these packages. Is Domain and hosting are included in this package? what about future changes and is there is any charges for changes? Who owns the domain and hosting. What about the login details of domain and hosting. How long it will take to deliver the full website. Will it include future changes in websites. Who will handle blogs, event sections?

What information should collect from the designer after completing the project?

Domain control panel login details, hosting control panel details, email control panel (if email servers are separate from hosting servers) details, and social media handle login details. And if you want to manage the content on your website yourself instead of relying on an outside vendor to make changes, we can develop a WordPress site that lets you do just that.

    Need a Website?

    Web design company in Bangalore

    Website design for SMEs in India

    Indian SMEs are one of the fastest-growing in the world. SMEs are mushrooming every sector, because of the socio-economic policy taken by the central Government. However, there are many challenges in the SME sector. Some entrepreneurs are not able to tap the full potentials. One of the challenges is the digital gap and Lack of marketing know-how. Website and digital branding are the solutions for these challenges.

    Entrepreneurs can reach their product or service to the target audiences by using the website and online ads. Comparing the traditional advertisement, this is very cost-effective. Website creation is not an easy task, it is a complex process. An attractive design is not only an important factor but also it should communicate properly to targeted customers. We are a leading website design company located in Bangalore, India. We design attractive new websites as well as re-design old websites for SMEs that align business objectives.

    The design process for your website

    • Find a suitable domain name for your business and register on behalf of the company. We will provide domain and hosting control panels after completing the project.
    • Study the nature of business and its objectives, as well as those of your competitors, thereby defining the online strategy that your company needs.
    • Create content (text, images, banner, slider, gallery, etc) that attract your customers and convey the company’s message.
    • We will upload the content within five business days. You can review the content and suggestions for any edits. We provide free two edits free of cost.

    A business website should enable you to:

    • Provide all the information about your company, products, and services at any time. Attract your customers rather than comparing with your competitors. Facilitate assistance for employees of your marketing and sales department and even distributors that will enable them to better promote your products.
    • Establish relations,especially in B2B markit. Create loyalty and agility in your relationships with clients and suppliers.
    • Create a brand and image. A business website creates a brand name and creates a company image.
    • Quickly adapt to market conditions. You will be able to quickly add products and services. Update your website with recent product images and descriptions as well as other services.
    • Listen to your current and potential clients. Provide feedback form and contact form on the website. Email or call your who has submitted information through the website. This will be very helpful for company growth.
    • Increase your market share and have a presence abroad. A professional website will increase its market share.

    Need a Business Website and Email id?

    We adapt the corporate image for any kind of business website we design. Last eight years we focused on website design and digital marketing for small and medium business.

    A website and professional email are key elements in that company’s marketing strategy. A company website must be created and designed in accordance with the corporate image and objectives. It must not be a complicated visitor’s journey. Corporate web design must be easily understood, usable and must clearly communicate the message that the visitor will receive and remember.

    Finally, the evolution of the internet and digital marketing that triggered the influencing and targetting exact customers. Companies are increasingly focusing not only on website designing but also SEO, SEM, SOM, Email Marketing, etc.

    Importance of website in current situation

    As a website designing agency in Bangalore, we notice that there is a wast increase in domain registration during the COVID19 pandemic. The importance of an e-commerce website is growing up. Many small companies are come up with their e-commerce websites to attract customers.

    Type of Websites

    Simple Basic Website: This is a 5-page mobile-friendly business website. A simple basic website includes Home Page, About us, Services/Products, Gallery, Contact pages. This website is very suitable for micro and small business organizations. Basic templates are using for building this type of website.

    Professional website: This is a 10-20 page business website. Premium themes and graphics are used for building this website. A professional website is suitable for the medium type of companies with 50-100 employees.

    Web Design Rate Card

    Basic Simple Website: Rs.5000/-
    This is a basic website design package. No premium themes included. This package includes free domain name, hosting, and two business email id.

    Professional Business website: Rs. 10,000/-
    This package includes free domain name, hosting and 10-15 pages. Professional website design is loaded with premium themes and g suite.


    1. How do I update my website? is it possible to update the website myself?
      If a website is built with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc, you can easily update content on your website. Ask your developer, whether the charge is included in the content update.

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